Natasha the Cat, 21 Years Young

Natasha is a gift. She’s 21 years old and has been with me since the day she was born.

The patches of soft brown fur in her black coat show her age. She’s also been deaf the past two or three years. But she still jumps on beds and chairs, goes up and down stairs, helps me open and inspect boxes from the mail and stores, and is fascinated by yummy bugs that occasionally reveal themselves on walls and floors.

Natasha the Cat, 21 years old.

Natasha the Cat, 21 years old.

RIP Natasha
She knew love every day
June 1991 – April 2013


17 thoughts on “Natasha the Cat, 21 Years Young

  1. What a wonderful tribute to your little buddy. Remember – the bugs are merely a form of toys that don’t need batteries!

    My very favorite cat died when he was 13 and I miss him still.


    • Nancy, thanks for you comments. I can relate to how you feel about your favorite cat. Cats are remarkable creatures we love. They are friends and family. No matter how long we share our lives with them, they always leave too soon, and we dearly miss them.

    • Mine, too, same age of kidney failure which quite common after 10 years old… she was a wonderful calico cat, RIP.

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