Irish Wolfhound Security

Irish Wolfhounds Shannon (l) and Declan (r) on watch.

Irish Wolfhounds Shannon (l) and Declan (r) make sure the front yard is secure.

For those who might not know, Irish Wolfhounds are very large dogs. According to the Irish Wolfhound Club of America’s web site: “males usually ‘average’ around 34-35 inches and 140-180 pounds, bitches around 32-34 inches and 115-140 lbs.” At 6 years, Shannon (female) is fully grown. Declan (male) is just a year old, so he’ll be filling out about another 6 months. But you can already see how much bigger Declan is compared to Shannon.


13 thoughts on “Irish Wolfhound Security

  1. For real security, you should add in a miniature pinscher – all seven pounds of fury and aggression towards everything and everyone. He makes me feel very safe when I’m not laughing at him!


  2. I used to have a female who was 160 pounds and 34 inches though not in the least bit fat. She wasn’t even capable of barking but it is amazing how size puts people off….

    • My female is 128 pounds (left and shorter) and she is the BEST watch dog, aside from my German Shepherd mix. I would not want to be a mailperson, Shannon despises the mailman…and it’s taken 2 years of offering her treats and me supervising the interaction to calm her down a bit…but if I’m not here, I wouldn’t want to be the mailman!!! 128 or 160 pounds, when they accidentally run in to you, it hurts!

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