Open Wide: Juvenile Barn Swallow

Juvenile Barn Swallow with mouth wide open.

Juvenile Barn Swallow

Photographed on 7-6-13 at the Marine Nature Study Area in Oceanside, Long Island, NY.


5 thoughts on “Open Wide: Juvenile Barn Swallow

  1. When we were leaving Colonial Williamsburg a few weeks ago, a not-so-baby mockingbird was in the tree yelling at its momma for more food. I’ve always seen the robins doing this, but didn’t realize other birds did too. That was a great shot you did – I sure wasn’t fast enough to get that mockingbird!


    • Yes, other baby birds open their mouths and flutter their wings for food; however, this one is actually just yawning. 🙂 As I was photographing this bird, it just opened and closed its mouth. The Marine Nature Study Area confirmed that this bird is indeed yawning!

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