Banded Tree Swallow

Banded Tree Swallow at Levy Preserve, Merrick, Long Island, NY; May 3, 2015.

Tree Swallow, Banded

Tree Swallow, Banded

This bird has what appears to be a U.S. Federal band on its left leg. I didn’t notice the band until I loaded the image into the computer. If I’d seen it in the field, I would have zoomed in to get the numbers on the band. Although the band seems to be a standard aluminum butt-end band, without the band number, I can’t find out where and why this bird was banded.

Here’s some info on bird bands from the Bird Banding Lab pages on the USGS’ (United States Geological Survey) site:

 “The most common type of band used in North America is the butt-end band. This band is a round band with two edges that butt evenly together when closed correctly. Butt-end bands are supplied by the Bird Banding Laboratory to licensed US banders free of charge.”

Banding birds helps researchers collect data for research and management projects, such as: dispersal and migration; behavior and social structure; life-span and survival rate; reproductive success and population growth. For additional information on why birds are banded, see the Bird Banding Laboratory’s: Why Band Birds?

I think this is the first banded Tree Swallow I’ve seen.


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